torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2013

[SA|CLEO4|REL] Weapon Dropper

Simple, yet a bit more realistic mod than most. What it does? Simply allows you to remove any weapon you have in hand, except fists of course. But what's so special in it? It won't just remove your weapon from a keypress, but you'll have to wait for an animation to play, and then your weapon is removed and appears as a pickup in front of you, in case you still need it. But remember, the weapon pickup acts as a temporary pickup so it'll disappear after some time!

Download from this link!

Here is a small preview video.
Oh, and some small texture-working I've made, nothing fancy, weapons are converted from Battlefield 3 by YourCreatedHell, I only slightly enhanced the textures. Tell me in comments if I should ask him permission to  release those textures, and maybe give me some suggestions and feedback?

You can visit his page by clicking the link: YourCreatedHell's website.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Will the weapons have the same ammo as you had when you put them down?

  2. Of course! :)
    To be honest, I actually got the animation to work now, I was a bit pessimist about how long it would take as this is my first time dealing with animations but oh well, small preview video is getting rendered already.

    Though, not sure if I should yet upload it, the animation could be a lot better...

  3. Looking forward to it.

    Would it be possible to make it so the weapons never disappear? Even after saving. I'd love to have a weapon stash whenever I want.

    If I could get DK22Pac's GTA IV lights mod to work, then this mod would be amazing.

    1. Can't say for sure if it's possible. I'll try to figure out something.

  4. Alright.

    Well other than that I don't see any other reason not to release it now.
    Unless there are some bugs that you want to fix first..

  5. I posted this mod on my blog according to your instructions!
    Thank you for allowing!

  6. please release those textures!!!