maanantai 1. heinäkuuta 2013

[SA|CLEO4|BETA|REL] Oksu's General Car Control v2.0

Beta-release of Oksu's General Car Control version 2.0!

-Control for engine, lights, door lock, radio volume and mute!
-Press and hold to shut down or start up engine!
-Radio volume control now works by pressing and holding the button, no need to tap it anymore!
-Mute for radio, enabling mute will make car radio silenced, and you can disable mute by pressing either mute-key or decrease/increase volume key!

K - Engine shut down and start up. Press and hold.
L - Lights on and off.
P - Door lock on and off.
I - Decrease radio volume.
O - Increase radio volume.
M - Mute radio.

I've included that small "debug" in the script, has helped me a lot while creating the script. Will be removed in next version.

You are only allowed to share this beta-release through my blog, re-uploading or hosting this mod on other side is forbidden!

Download here!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Is this meant to happen when you hold down the acceleration key and turn off the engine at the same time? -

    (bad quality, not rendered)

    1. If you mean how it rolls with engine off, it's an engine bug. If you try same thing with motorcycles, you'll notice even bigger bug in the engine. :p