perjantai 13. syyskuuta 2013

Back in the scene!

I'm back from my little vacation I took from modding, thanks to IV and EFLC. Anyways, I'm back, and my next project is...

-Script which combines Aim Before Firing, Ammolimit, Realistic Reload and Empty Clip. All my four mods in one script. I've tried to fix any bugs each script might have, and added a configuration file to edit properties for each mod. I'd be happy if I'd get suggestion what the name should be.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Nice to see you back dude ..I am back too :)
    Hope to see some of your great mods bro.
    Arijit Sen

  2. Hey man, there's a few game breaking bugs in your realistic reload script that need some attention. Whenever you could, you should check into these:

    - After you reload your weapon, you won't be able to scroll from that weapon
    - This causes more bugs, one being if force scrolled to something without ammo like your fists or a melee weapon, you will be stuck using only that and cannot switch.
    - The shotgun requires you to reload after the first shot, and after the reload it will fire without having to press the reload button, but it will be stuck on the shotgun to where you can't scroll
    - Finally, with projectiles like molotavs or satchels, after you throw the first projectile it won't allow you to throw any more, it'll just play the animation but won't throw anything. Even when you reload, it does nothing, rendering projectiles useless and keeping you from completing some missions (Burning Desire and Catalina's betting shop mission, for instance)

    Just thought I'd give you a heads up if you're still in the modding game, it'd be nice to see this shit fixed, your mods are awesome.