perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

[REL/SA/CLEO] Y-Axis Sensitivity Fix

*****What is this?
San Andreas, among other III-era games has some poorly coded parts, and mouse sensitivity is one of them. Y-axis sensitivity is a constant value, while X-axis sensitivity can be adjusted from options. This makes the movement of mouse hard to control, as your mouse won't move vertically the same amount as it does horizontally. This small script re-writes Y-axis sensitivity to same value as X-axis sensitivity to fix this problem.

*****How to use this?
Just copy SensitivityFix.cs in your CLEO folder.

DK22Pac - Finding needed memory address
Wouldn't be possible without him!

****Source included

Link to fix.

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  1. Hello i have a question for you , first of all thank you for this mod helps allot , but what i wanted to ask you is...
    Do you know how could i make my sensitivity slow up and down but faster left and right? (left and right faster than up and down) i dont know why but once i played on a DM server and it was like that and i fckn love it bro, if u could help me that would mean the world to me. <3